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Moving Ahead for Illinois House of 61st District.

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Hello, my name is James Creighton Mitchell Jr. I am a candidate for Illinois House of 61st District.

"Your best bet is a hire a vet!"

I am running because we need a change in governance, locally, in Illinois and in America.
It all starts locally.
I am that person who will represent our needs and will vote for us.
I have represented constituents in the past with the motto, “ALWAYS AVAILABLE.”
I will still stand by this motto in “the cancel culture” of today’s politics.
I am an Oath Keeper; an Honorably Discharged Navy Veteran having served from July ‘67 to ‘June 74.
I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

I believe that a belief in God and the teaching of Jesus is the solution to harmful dialogue.
We need to have polite dialogue that may disagree but be conducted persuasively without the attacks on a personal nature.
I am Proud to be an American.
I believe a man and his wife - a woman, constitute a family unit.
I believe trans-gender men DO NOT belong in women’s sports or women’s restroom facilities.
I DO NOT BELIEVE abortion is family planning and do not support this.

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I believe that Planned Parenthood should not be financed with tax dollars.
I believe in the Constitution of the United States with the current amendments.
I believe that our traditional way of life has been attacked. We need to turn that around beginning with law and order.
We need stronger law enforcement that begins with supporting the police with funds and policy that makes sense. Ensuring that all who are captured receive a fair trial and are released or punished accordingly. We also need to address mental health issues and single mothers in poverty.
We need to effectively lobby education at all levels disregarding “Critical Race Theory” and sticking with the basics, teaching history correctly and completely and involving parents in curriculum, in school volunteering and after school activities.

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